Two Children. Four Surgeries. In Eight Months.

“Two Children. Four Surgeries. In Eight Months.”

The last year has been devastating to my family. We understand adversity. We live with and overcome it every day, but lately, adversity seems to be overwhelming.

I am a single mom to four children. My 13-year-old son has cerebral palsy. Together, my children and I have managed this challenging disease for 13 years. Recently, his muscles began to contract to the point that he could only walk on his tiptoes. Surgery was required to cut his hamstrings in an attempt to correct the problem. My son is able to walk so much better since the surgery.

However three months later, his appendix ruptured. He had to have an emergency surgery to remove his appendix, and I had to take additional time off from work.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I was overwhelmed. When you are providing for four children, even the smallest decrease in monthly household income can cause severe financial strain. I was missing a lot of work.

Shortly before my son’s appendix ruptured, my 16-year-old daughter began to experience pain in her arm and wrist. She was rushed to the hospital where they determined that a cyst had begun to eat away at her arm. They removed the cyst. But the pain and discomfort continued.

Five months later, the cyst returned and continued to damage the arm. Her radius and ulna bones were removed and replaced by the tibia bone from her leg. The recovery was painful, and a morphine pump was needed to control the pain. Again, I had to take many weeks from work to be with my daughter and care for her.

Two children and four surgeries in eight months. Time off from work, coupled with travel expenses to a hospital in a different city, and the cost of child care for my five-year-old. The financial stress was overwhelming. I was on the verge of losing my home. At one point, I was so exhausted from caring for my sick children, traveling back and forth to the hospital and trying to go to work whenever possible. The only word to describe how I felt is desperate; I was desperate.

My Human Resources Director was amazing. He told me about the Hug Fund and encouraged me to apply for help.

The Hug Fund helped me save my home. It helped me when there was no one else to turn to…no one.

My kids are healing. My daughter returned to school even though her doctors were certain she would need to remain home and be home school. She is going to school.

Thank you, donors, who give to the Hug Fund. It is because of you my family still has a home.[/text_block]