When A Fire Strikes

Merri Kay – Devastating Fire

Merri Kay was having lunch with her parents, who were in town to attend the funeral of her brother who had passed away unexpectedly, when she received a call from her husband telling her that there had been a fire and their home was severely damaged. Merri Kay’s husband was trying hard not to upset her, so he was minimizing the situation.

Merri Kay returned home to learn that not only had her home been destroyed, but her husband had been injured in the fire. “The smoke destroyed everything in its path. I had just buried my brother, and now I was scrambling to figure out where we would live, how we would pay for everything and worried about my husband. When you’re in the middle of a crisis, you still have everything else going on around you. You still have to pay bills, take care of your kids and get through the day to day. Just to move in to a hotel took hundreds of dollars that we just didn’t have at the time. I never thought that we would lose everything. I had always contributed to the Hug Fund, but I never, for a moment, believed that I would need help from the fund.” Every little donation adds up to provide a lot of help and peace of mind.

Missing time from work only compounded the money stress Merri Kay and her family were experiencing. Appointments with insurance adjusters, contractors and medical appointments for her husband…it all added up to major financial distress. “I really didn’t have anywhere else to turn. The Hug Fund helped so much. Every little donation adds up to provide a lot of help and peace of mind. We were able to pay for temporary housing and cover some household bills that we couldn’t pay because I had missed so much work. It was such a blessing to us. Every little bit helps, and my family and are I are very grateful to the Hug Fund.”