“Dear Fellow HCR ManorCare Employees”

My name is Carol Chike. I am a Registered Nurse and work at ManorCare Health Services -Silver Spring.

Letter and PenDear fellow HCR ManorCare employees,

My name is Carol Chike. I am a Registered Nurse and work as a certified Nurse Assessment Coordinator at ManorCare Health Services -Silver Spring. I am barely into my first year at HCR ManorCare, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this great company. I write this letter to you, even though words alone cannot express my gratitude toward the company, especially toward our grant program, the Hug Fund.

The Hug Fund came to my rescue when my apartment home was gutted by fire last June. The fire started after a lightning strike just minutes after I got home from work. My family and I made it out safely, but nothing besides my work laptop, my handbag and the pouch for my official documents were saved.

I had nobody and nowhere to turn to – or so I thought. But then I remembered hearing about the Hug Fund in my orientation. It was the Hug Fund that came to my rescue in my family’s time of need.

I want to use this opportunity to thank each person who has contributed any amount to the Hug Fund. Your generosity was used to provide me and my children the necessary household supplies we needed at that crucial moment in our life. We thank you immensely.

Sincerely yours,

Carol Chike, RN, RACC-CT.