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4 Conditions For H2H Help

Every application is reviewed for these four qualifying conditions.

1. Eligible Employee

  • An employee must be an active full-time, part-time or PRN employee in good standing with HCR ManorCare.

For PRN employees, the employee’s hours worked must exceed or be projected to exceed 390 hours for the year.

2. Unexpected Catastrophic Event

  • A sudden, unplanned, not anticipated qualifying event beyond an employee’s control that occurred less than nine months prior to the H2H application date and while the applicant was employed by HCR ManorCare. The event must directly affect the employee or a qualifying family member and cause financial distress to the employee.

3. Financial Distress

  • A situation in which a qualifying unexpected catastrophic event prevents the employee from being able to meet urgent needs—the elements required for survival and normal mental and physical health (food, hot and cold water, shelter).

4. Supporting Documentation

  • Proof of the unexpected catastrophic event such as a fire marshal’s report, police report, protection order, proof of time off, etc.
  • Proof of income for all household members including copies of last two pay stubs prior to the event and verification of all other forms of income such as unemployment, Social Security, child support, short-term disability and other insurances, etc.

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How to Apply

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To request assistance from the H2H, the employee must complete the Online Confidential Application. Upon submission of a complete application, the Hug Fund staff will contact the employee to obtain additional information and documentation related to the grant request. Once the application is considered complete, the Hug Fund staff will forward the application to the Hug Fund Board of Directors for review. The Board of Directors is a group of your fellow employees.

Prior to submitting the application to the Board of Directors, the Hug Fund staff will remove the employee’s name and other identifying information from the application to ensure strict confidentiality. The employee should allow time for processing after the completed application and supporting documentation are received by the Hug Fund. If the grant is approved, the assistance will be provided to the employee in the form of a tax-free grant.

Please note that personal financial information must be disclosed on the Confidential Hug Fund Application so the Board of Directors can fulfill their legal responsibility by making an informed decision about the applicant’s eligibility for assistance based on IRS guidelines. Additionally, the Board of Directors always strives to be good stewards of the donations made to the Hug Fund.

Apply Now For Help

For Further Explanation

Please call The Hug Fund at 1-877-329-9500 for more information.