A complete glossary of Hug Fund definitions

Eligible Employee

Any HCR ManorCare employee (not a contract or temporary employee) who:

  • Is an active full-time, part-time or PRN employee.
  • Has suffered an Unexpected Catastrophic Event beyond his or her control while an active employee.
  • Cannot meet his or her Urgent Needs.
  • Is in good standing with ProMedica/ProMedica Senior Care.
  • Has not already received $10,000.00 in grant assistance from the Here To Help in the last 12 months.
  • Has completed at least 90 days of service from hiring date.

Unexpected Catastrophic Event

A sudden, unplanned, not anticipated recent qualifying event beyond an employee’s control that occurred less than nine months prior to the Here to Help application date and while the applicant was employed by ProMedica/ProMedica Senior Care. The event must directly affect the employee or a Qualifying Family Member and cause Financial Distress to the employee.

Financial Distress

A state of financial hardship in which the Eligible Employee is not able to meet Urgent Needs and is a direct result of a qualifying Unexpected Catastrophic Event.

Proof of Event

Proof of an employee’s Unexpected Catastrophic Event is required for an application to be considered complete. Documentation such as a fire marshal’s report, police report, protection order or accident report is required to substantiate employee’s claim.

Complete Application

Confidential Hug Fund Application filled out in its entirety, and copies of Proof of Income, Proof of Event and all bills for which the employee is requesting assistance. If an Incomplete Application is submitted, it will be returned to the applicant to resubmit with all required information.

Urgent Needs

The elements required for survival and normal mental and physical health, such as food, water (hot and cold), shelter and protection from environmental threats.

Household Member

Any persons living in and claiming the employee’s home as their Primary Residence.

Qualifying Family Member

  • Employee’s spouse
  • Domestic partner
  • Dependent child or grandchild (stepchild or step-grandchild included)


Other Household Member listed below that financially contributes to the household and is related to the employee directly or by legal marriage

  • Parent or Step-Parent
  • Grandparent or Step-Grandparent

Funeral Grant Exclusion: Expenses related to the death of a Parent or Step-Parent, or Grandparent or Step-Grandparent are not eligible for financial assistance.

Incomplete Application

Any application submitted partially filled out and/or missing copies of Proof of Income, Proof of Event and bills for which the employee is requesting assistance. All Incomplete Applications are returned to applicants to be resubmitted with all required information. See Complete Application.

Primary Residence

The dwelling where an applicant usually lives; typically a house or an apartment. A person can only have one Primary Residence at any given time.

Proof of Income

Proof of all forms of household income is required for an application to be considered complete. Required documentation includes, but is not limited to, copies of:

  • Last two paystubs for all employed household members
  • Short-Term Disability Explanation of Benefits
  • Social Security determinations
  • Bank statements
  • Tax forms

Residential Disaster

A situation or event such as a fire or water backup which damages an applicant’s primary residence, impacting the Urgent Needs of Household Members.